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10 MAY 2021

Why the purpose of your business will be the backbone of the recovery

This article is a special collaboration between Des enjeux et des hommes (E&H), Ellio and...

9 APRIL 2021

“Free your true nature and become Eco-responsible”

In this day and age, the biggest mistake a leader can make is to forget that their business works...

9 APRIL 2021

Absence of buyers in Quebec, what role can sustainability play?

Founded in 1996 in Montreal, OmniChem is a company specializing in the distribution and...

8 APRIL 2021

Do you know the benefits of an eco-responsible process?

Environmental issues, Corporate Social Responsibility, Certifiable standards … So much for an...

6 APRIL 2021

Connaissez-vous les bénéfices d’une démarche écoresponsable?

Enjeux environnementaux, Responsabilité Sociale des Entreprises, Normes certifiables… Tant...

22 MARCH 2021

Absence de repreneurs au Québec, quel rôle peut jouer le développement durable?

Fondée en 1996 à Montréal, OmniChem est une entreprise spécialisée dans la distribution et la...