Avec conviction. Dans l’action.

“For a company and an organization, being ECO-RESPONSIBLE means adopting and advocating responsible practices on a daily basis with a view to collective improvement of the quality of life and preservation of the environment.”

– Pierre Fillion, CEO of the Council for Sustainable Industries.

The ECORESPONSIBLE Certification offers a frame of reference for organizations wishing to gradually implement eco-responsible practices. These will enable them to improve their overall performance, in economic, environmental and social terms, as well as in terms of governance.

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The ECORESPONSIBLETM Certification program promotes best practices in sustainability, enabling organizations and businesses to:

  • leave the lowest possible ecological footprint;
  • adopt and advocate responsible practices on a daily basis;
  • assert their leadership through concrete and inspiring actions;
  • build a greener and more sustainable future for generations to come.

The ECORESPONSIBLETM Certification has a positive impact on:

  • income and profitability;
  • strategic marketing levers;
  • visibility and credibility;
  • innovation and development;
  • attracting and retaining talent;
  • demonstrating leadership.

The program is supported by recognized standards and trainingthereby supporting organizations and businesses in their efforts to adopt healthier and more sustainable practices. These tools guide companies towards obtaining one of the levels of the ECORESPONSIBLE Certification, the Packaging or Eco-Designed Product Certificate.

Included in the Montreal Sustainability Journey (or «Parcours»), each participating organization will benefit from 16 hours of workshops in order to acquire the skills necessary to achieve Level 1 – Commitment, of the ÉCORESPONSABLE Certification, issued by Ecocert.

The training includes:

  • a workshop on the sustainability diagnosis, based on the BNQ 21000 methodology, in order to determine the organizational challenge;
  • a workshop on vision, strategic priorities and making commitments;
  • a workshop for the development of the ECORESPONSIBLE roadmap and the first stages of implementation;
  • a follow-up visit to specify and clarify the roadmap;
  • access to the 7 modules of the “ECOLEADERSHIP Methodology” training course.

Each organization will be able to benefit from specialized support by a qualified expert from the ECORESPONSABLE Program. The expert is the resource person for the organization, there to:

  • lead the ECORESPONSIBLE committee;
  • provide professional support to the project manager throughout the process;
  • provide advice during each step and activity;
  • prepare the documents for obtaining the Certification, issued by Ecocert.